Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Ciao! How was your summer? Mine was wonderful but I wish it lasted longer. I miss when I was a student and I had 3 months holidays, now I only have 3 weeks and it's really unfair! LOL
Well, I can't complain, because I really enjoyed visiting London, catching up with old friends who live there and of course shopping! London is such a beautiful and vibrant city, you never get bored! Then I went to my family's beach house for 2 weeks and I just relaxed, enjoyed the sun, sand and sea.
I want to show you a few pics of London, I will write a better post in the travel section very soon.
Have a great week and welcome back to the city, for those of you who, like me, just got back home.
Love, Fede

Notting Hill Portobello Road

Hyde Park

My hotel: The Caesar in Queens Gardens, thank you for the perfect hospitality

Oxford St.

Islington Canals

Buckingham Palace

The Big Ben and the London Eye

A street near my hotel

St. Paul Cathedral

Trafalgar Square


London Bridge

Van Gogh at the National Gallery

Here is a picture of me at our beach house on my new ride! I'm so happy I found this used bike al a local fair for only 35 euros!

Cover up: from a beach vendor / Beach bag: Ralph Lauren / Sunnies: RayBan

Bikini: Victoria's Secret


  1. You had such a wonderful vacation! I like the photos very much!

  2. great pics, love it
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  3. These are some awesome photos! Also, I'm obsessed with your little white dress!

    x Sarah
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  4. Looks amazing, I just wanna to know more about this, thanks for sharing baby!
    Alice Cerea,

  5. You look amazing ! :) great photos :)
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