Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hong Kong Diary, The First Month

Hello everyone, so sorry for not being able to write for such a long time but my life was completely turned upside down when I moved to HK 4 weeks ago and there were so many things I needed to figure out, and actually I still need to. Everything is so different here from Europe, the culture, the food, the weather, the work. I arrived 4 weeks ago and I had a week to adjust before I started working at my new job. During that week I was not able to relax at all. Yes, I played tourist a little bit but I had to do so many things like open a bank account, subscribe for a mobile phone contract, buy things for my room (for 2 months I will be sharing with friends, then I’ll find a permanent place). HK is a beautiful city, has so much to offer, but I have to say it’s difficult to adjust immediately. If you think NY is a busy city, then you have never seen HK. People are always in a rush, streets are busy at any time, people drive like crazy, and to complicate things weather can be very bad, with typhoons and thunderstorms. I have learned to always bring an umbrella with me, even when it’s sunny. I also keep rainboots in the office and a rain jacket. It’s so hot and humid that I can’t figure how to manage my curly hair. 
Well, this is the difficult part. Aside from that this is an incredible opportunity for me as a professional and as a person. Working in English is not easy and I am the only western on my floor, but I am learning so much. I am starting to love this city, there is always so much to do and to choose from, restaurants for every budget and of great quality, the beach is so close that I can go every weekend. Many buildings have gym and swimming pool. 
What I haven’t told you yet, and the best part, is that I work for a luxury retailer, so this means staff discounts!!! I haven’t bought anything big yet, just a perfume and make up. But I am waiting for the big staff sale, to which I will add my staff discount, to buy something really big like a luxury bag or a jewel.
Also for a while I won’t be able to post good pictures of my outfits because I don’t have a full mirror in my house, I’ll try and ask my friends to take pictures of me. But I promise I’ll get a big mirror when I move to the new place and start posting more pictures again. I can’ wait to show you my HK looks.

Hope you are having a great time! 
Love, Fede