Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hong Kong Diary, The First Month

Hello everyone, so sorry for not being able to write for such a long time but my life was completely turned upside down when I moved to HK 4 weeks ago and there were so many things I needed to figure out, and actually I still need to. Everything is so different here from Europe, the culture, the food, the weather, the work. I arrived 4 weeks ago and I had a week to adjust before I started working at my new job. During that week I was not able to relax at all. Yes, I played tourist a little bit but I had to do so many things like open a bank account, subscribe for a mobile phone contract, buy things for my room (for 2 months I will be sharing with friends, then I’ll find a permanent place). HK is a beautiful city, has so much to offer, but I have to say it’s difficult to adjust immediately. If you think NY is a busy city, then you have never seen HK. People are always in a rush, streets are busy at any time, people drive like crazy, and to complicate things weather can be very bad, with typhoons and thunderstorms. I have learned to always bring an umbrella with me, even when it’s sunny. I also keep rainboots in the office and a rain jacket. It’s so hot and humid that I can’t figure how to manage my curly hair. 
Well, this is the difficult part. Aside from that this is an incredible opportunity for me as a professional and as a person. Working in English is not easy and I am the only western on my floor, but I am learning so much. I am starting to love this city, there is always so much to do and to choose from, restaurants for every budget and of great quality, the beach is so close that I can go every weekend. Many buildings have gym and swimming pool. 
What I haven’t told you yet, and the best part, is that I work for a luxury retailer, so this means staff discounts!!! I haven’t bought anything big yet, just a perfume and make up. But I am waiting for the big staff sale, to which I will add my staff discount, to buy something really big like a luxury bag or a jewel.
Also for a while I won’t be able to post good pictures of my outfits because I don’t have a full mirror in my house, I’ll try and ask my friends to take pictures of me. But I promise I’ll get a big mirror when I move to the new place and start posting more pictures again. I can’ wait to show you my HK looks.

Hope you are having a great time! 
Love, Fede


  1. That's so cool, love your style!

    Alice Cerea

  2. Thanks for sharing these pics! Fede! I'm half HK Chinese and grew up for a time in HK and have spent a lot more time there recently as an adult as well, so feel you with the speed of the city and the humidity! Hope you're having an incredible time there. It's such an amazing place, and really no where else like it in the world! Enjoy!!